im quiting…

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Hello This is the last thing im saying to all of you cazmos but im sorry its just that im getting bored of planetcazmo and also everyone i know hates me…well not everyone..bye Peepz It was fun meeting all of you..Please stay good in planetcazmo!


Why I Missed My Party

Posted in Uncategorized on February 22, 2009 by pieguy123

I Missed My Party On Saturday Because I Had Soccer Practice At Like 11:30 So Ive Been Playing Until 1:00.So After Soccer,I Had To Get A Haircut And It Took Forever…So Maybe Ill Have Another Party At Another Time…Ill Tell You When!By The Way, Im Sorry For Missing The Party….

For Paintcake96

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Paintcake96,Your The Best GirlFriend A Guy Could Ask For.I Hope We Never Break Up.I Wanna Be Together For As long as possible.Remember Your The Best Girfriend Ever!

100 hits party

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I know i just made this site,but when i get 100 hits id like to have a party.Atleast every 500 hits i will have a party.But this time if i get 100 hits ill have a party.I hope alot of you come to my partys.It will be lots of Fun!=)

This Party will be At:Statue Island
Time:This Saturday 3:00 P.M. planetcazmo time

I Hope You All Come!